Cypress Wood Siding Glossary

To help you learn about grades of quality and elements of care for cypress wood siding we’ve included this glossary.

Grades of cypress wood

Compare Quality

Compare Quality

#2 & BETTER –
This popular grade features sound tight knots and rustic characteristics.

SELECTS – This is top grade material, mostly clear with the occasional tight knot. Select is a custom order material.

Both will add distinctive beauty for future generations to admire. 



Cypress Siding Options
Choose the siding style that best compliments your building project.

BevelBevel Board & Batten Board & Baten Channel Channel

Now Available: Beaded Bevel Siding!

An excellent article on ‘How to install bevel siding’ can be found on The Old House Web at

Preview what a stain would look like on your cypress by visiting the photo chart on the Hardwood Council’s excellent website.
Protect your investment with stainless steel nails. An online source for stainless steel is They have a great guide to determine how many nails you will need for your project. Galvanized nails work, BUT when you strike the head the protected coating is breached.  Eventually the head starts to rust and streak.

Cypressene – the naturally occurring preservative in cypress that is extremely decay and insect resistant, making it a perfect choice for, docks, beams, decks, flooring, paneling, siding or home construction.

Cypress Features

Beautiful Naturally Durable
Dimensionally stable Resists splitting and warping
Lightweight Easy to cut, saw and nail
Excellent paint & stain holding All natural –
no arsenic salts to handle or dispose of

Cypress is superior to pine and even cedar regarding decay & rot, weathering, durability, checking, cracking, and stability. Pine is less costly, but we think you will be surprised at how affordable cypress can be. The somewhat higher cost of cypress is usually offset over time by less repair, painting  and maintenance.