Green Building with Cypress Wood Siding

 Buckley Lumber Cypress Siding at  Home Show

Cypress siding from Buckley Lumber at Green Home Show

Cypress siding from Buckley Lumber at Green Home Show

Sustainable and beautiful North Carolina cypress from Buckley Lumber was featured at the Southern Ideal Home Show.  The cypress siding clad the Green Building Pavilion which featured green building materials. It also won first place in Exhibitor Category!

   NC Builder, Bill Beasley explains, “Green built homes look at the home from a holistic standpoint. While energy conservation is a primary focus, they also include everything from development of the site to efficient house plans to educating the homeowner on proper usage of the home and its systems.”

There are several tools available to assist the builder in achieving green certification.  The Green Building Initiative of the National Association of Home Builders have created a Green Building Guidelines document that explains in detail.  The builder will work with a third party verifier throughout the building process with field visits and submit the documentation to review at completion.  The verifier confirms all claimed points have been met and green certification is awarded.

  Building a green home will save the homeowner in utility bills, improve the quality of the indoor air and increase re-sale value in the future.

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