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Cypress Siding Installation – Nails

Cypress Wood Siding
Protect your investment with stainless steel nails.They have a great guide to determine how many nails you will need for your project. Galvanized nails work, if and when the protected coating is breached streaking will occur when the head starts to rust.

The premium product that is guaranteed not to rust is a stainless steel 304 nail.  You’ll pay more for stainless nails. The number 304 refers to the blend of alloys in the steel that make it have those amazing stainless properties. For every exterior application except those at the salty coast 304 is the most appropriate grade of stainless you’ll need.

316 stainless nails has chromium, extra nickel and added molybendum mixed in with the steel to make sure it can stand up to the most brutal conditions.