Pre-Staining Your Wood Siding

Sherwin-Williams Factory Pre-staining for your beautiful cypress siding.
 Pre-staining Wood Siding Saves Time and Money

Cyress is impervious to practically every adversity that nature has in store, even when installed and left ‘natural’.  Most of our customers, however, choose to beautify their cypress siding even further by staining or sometimes painting their newly clad homes. This step can now be taken care of before your cypress material arrives at your site!

Pre Staining Wood Siding

Siding Waiting to be Stained

We have partnered with one of the Southeast’s premier prefinishing companies to offer staining, priming, and painting service as a ‘built in feature”. It makes your job a lot easier by eliminating the well-known hassles associated with this time consuming, labor intensive, construction site task.  And it’s cost effective, too!

Pre Staining Cypress Wood Siding on Lakeside Home

Lakeside Home with Cypress Siding

Sherwin-Williams famous, top of the line products are offered as well as Olymic, Cabot and Sikkens brands.  We’ll help with your decision by recommending the best performance rated products suited to your climate and region.

If you’ve ever had the “pleasure’ of painting your own house, you’ll know what a great alternative pre-staining really is!