Wood Siding- Caring for Your Cypress

Exterior cypress lumber and siding

Exterior application of cypress

 How to Care for your Cypress 

Cypress siding may be temporarily stored outside if at least 4 inches off the ground and on a flat, well-drained surface protected from moisture with a tarp or waterproof cover. Leave the tarp loosely covered to allow ventilation which will prevent condensation and ground moisture from collecting.

Your beautiful cypress siding can be installed over standard sheathing material with a maximum stud spacing of 16 inches on-center. Siding may be applied over unsheathed walls if building codes permit. A suitable building or felt paper wind barrier is recommended and must be used where building codes require.  Both rigid foam and foil-faced sheathings can be vapor barriers. 

Stainless steel ringshank nails are recommended for installation.

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